• Victoria Blatterman Provides Assistance to Accident Victims

  • Posted on June 15, 2018
  • Victoria Blatterman was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, having been born and raised there. After she graduated Ashley Ridge High School, she attended college for awhile and then served as a special education teacher for three years. She is also an avid competitive sailor and racer for the past decade or so, teaching sailing to those who wish to learn and also coaching racing teams. Victoria is a member of the Transpacific Yacht Club.

    That is just her spare time, however, in her career, Victoria Blatterman does her best to help people. She decided to go into the law for just that reason. At first, she started as a law clerk at the Anastopoulo Law Fir, where she actively helped Charleston accident victims get the best legal help they could and receive the best settlement available. Now, she does the same work with the George Sink PA Injury Lawyers, another Charleston firm that has assisted tens of thousands of people in South Carolina over more than 35 years in practice. She and the firm’s attorneys recover medical bills, car repair costs and lost wages, but they fight for their clients to get compensation for their physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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